What does entertainment stand on the Internet


do not stand long, and there is no professional skills, only some from other places to read, summed up their own accumulation of experience, but I feel more difficult to do standing.

doesn’t think it’s difficult to do SEO.

, but whether Baidu or Google, ranking is very unstable. When I first started building a website, my website, the part-time network www.daojz.com, promoted three months’ time, so that the key words, the network part-time and the online part-time work in Baidu ranked first.

when I hung up the Google ADS ad for the website, Baidu ranked quickly by K, and there were no articles on the site. And Google ranking has nothing to change, ranking is very stable.

, that is to say, you hang Google advertising, to make money for him, he would "protect" your ranking, of course, this is just a little effect, if your site is not good enough to do without SEO, the ranking will not go up. Vice versa。

and about entertainment sites.

I’m used to finding a website to analyze. For example: Fun net www.lezi5.com

this site keywords, funny, fun, like, want to get the ranking in the search engine, not Yixiyizhao.

and do this kind of entertainment station. What does it stand on the Internet,


doesn’t depend on the search engines? No, of course not. Webmasters rely on search engines. Because it can bring you a steady stream of customer base.

How does

rely on search engines?. Besides search engines, what else do you need to do,


first of all, entertainment sites can’t focus on keywords in search engine rankings. Because at the beginning of the ranking is not good, and change. But need to use the chain to improve the site weight.

secondly, what the entertainment network needs is website articles, accumulation of traffic and customer base. Fun, network class entertainment station, content is very similar, interesting articles, if an article ranking obtained IP see you this article, also want to see the next article, and even collected your website. Then your purpose is reached.

finally, for second days. It needs good quality. The quality of the website requires the quality of each article on the site, from the original, typesetting, picture clean…… And so on, where to start. Then it is to update the website every morning before the customer visits. Day after day, customers become accustomed to it. Report to your website every day.

actually, it’s easy to do SEO, but it’s difficult to do it. What the entertainment station needs is the insistence on the quality and efficiency of the website day after day. A little experience, if there is not enough place, please correct me.

Web user experience a new interactive experience of online advertising



with the maturing of the Internet era, the development of online advertising is also rising, domineering advertising revenue, perfect brand display, has become the preferred media for users of advertising media. As a "front line fighter" in Internet advertising, how should we hold on to our forward position and make new contributions? This will be a question worth discussing.

(Internet advertising), the network advertisement in 1994 originated in the United States, Hotwired magazine launched an online version of the Hotwired, and for the first time launched the website advertising network, but also Chinese three years later in 1997 by Chinabyte, launched the first online advertising. Thus opened the curtain on the development of online advertising. Just 10 years of development, network advertising from scratch, from small to large, and now has developed into the advertising industry overlord, in 2012 the size of advertising is expected to exceed 46 billion 200 million (DCCI data). At the same time, in the website profit pattern, the network advertisement also becomes each big website one of most important economic sources. Because it has the good qualities that other media do not have:

(a) large audience.

(two) put accurate

(three) interactive

(four) low cost

(five) data objective

as an advertising designer, we need a deep understanding of the one is the interaction of network advertisement, interactive advertising, there is no strength, can directly affect the effectiveness of online advertising to. And then it may affect the word-of-mouth spread of the brand.

so when did Internet advertising begin to focus on interactivity,


with the arrival of WEB2.0, the steady development of major portals, the widespread use of network tools such as blog, micro-blog, WeChat and so on. Watercress, happy petals, thunder ark and other network sharing platform matures and perfect. We are becoming more and more dependent on the Internet and becoming more and more important. Because through the network, almost all the things users want to do. In this process, some online advertisements which are convenient, easy to understand and easy to learn, and simulate the actual use process, are easier to be accepted by the audience, and will produce better delivery effects. The audience is more likely to have a desire to know and then pass on a friend or someone with a common interest. In this process, the role of audience is changed from an information receiving terminal to a publication or disseminator of information. This cheap mode of communication can make the advertisement effect become geometric magnification. The product advertising cost is reduced to the greatest extent.

so interactive Internet advertising should not just watch

What are the advantages of snack car to join the project

do snack car business, operating cost is small, the model is more flexible, so that franchisees can easily do worry business. If you want to join the snack car business, but not very understanding of such projects. Small series will provide relevant business advantages analysis, so that franchisees can rest assured that the investment, do worry business.


double profits: equipment configuration, complete function, no experience, snacks can do everything





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What can I save you – my future

has been wandering in the Internet for 3 or 4 years. I gave up my studies, gave up my job, and recalled what I was doing for

for a long time people tend to forget yourself, forget what you want, if you like me to forget his want to, I hope you can look down, I can only say to talk about the experience of the past few years.

early into the arena:

once I quit school, then the ambition, to give up work devoted to personal webmaster ranks. At that time, I personally prefer to play private servers, the first site is legend publishing station, remember it is 4 SF meters, do not send out. The station made thousands of quick, happy for me at that time, the first income in life, but also strongly convince parents against the facts and evidence. The rise of the next love, take before earnings and ask their parents to take the 10 thousand quick money into the industry, the initial site is successful, you should know the old webmaster, handed down early little competition in the first half of the year I earned $about 100000, but then a few large desperately throwing money, Baidu promotion, I was caught in a dilemma. Cast or quit! I finally gave up, the site slowly died, I was turned into a no income, at the hands of the rich, I began to lose.


Yulgang SF, I have a large capital investment, but unfortunately, it died on the way, before release station are put in the time to die, remember that only one earned money, that is Baidu ranked first in the forum webmaster (A Dong). I lost about 30000 or 40000 here. I’m not alone, and my 2 friends on the Internet are just like me.

and then enter SF into the journey, the journey before also run some novels like, but such meager income is nothing compared to SF, so I was soon abandoned, in retrospect, then some station is a pity! Journey to SF in addition to invest no harvest, mud lake deeper, not only money, even lose confidence, then into the trough of



sleeps 5 or 6 every morning, gets up at 4 or 5 in the afternoon and eats only one meal a day. It seems like an inhumane life. My parents once thought I was depressed. Maybe I did. The Internet every day time is only a movie in a daze, wish to continue my career, no fight, lost the direction and focus of life well, this is what I want to tell you, people must know what they want? You even themselves do not know what to talk about, the other has no meaning.


one night with my dad drink, talk with me my dad was very calm (explained here, since I quit school to work, your father’s attitude as can be imagined he said: you no diploma) now, no work. Now you don’t even have your dreams. Tell me, what do you take to save your future? I don’t have any

The toil of these days (toil owners)

followed "webmaster friend, real friend"


just got the "webmaster friends, real friends", you should already know that I was half a month thanks to the two friends, remember, every day we are all opened the computer early, because their work is done on a computer, 9 in the morning to night 12 points, up to 15 hours every day, so we, though the day in a class, can not help but open Baidu, look for the information, look at the experience of others, and then change their stand, sometimes we will not a good QQ information, I know, it is in the idea of his own station direction. 15 hours repeated every day, every day the station as a way station has been completed, we discuss how to Lara popularity? So to find a way to give all his friends were again asked to find. What do you think is not enough for me? Do you need to change the place again? Do you have any good suggestions?…… I’ve been thinking about what they’re doing every day except for 15 hours of online life and a few hours of sleep. Is there something else I’d like to add to my station,


is not my side of the webmaster, or all of the webmaster, I think I can feel your tired, your late lie down the bed curtain, seems to have appeared in front of me, you’ve heart juice idea, it seems I have had experience, now the big competition network unable to speak. I would like to say: stick to it, and efforts will have more or less the return of the.

editor comments: Admin5 thank you for your contribution! World webmaster is a, stick to it, efforts will be more or less the return of the.


Old master story the so-called miracle, just hard to another name

2009 August, I excitedly called my mother, said I paid more than four thousand yuan, ready to send 500 yuan to Grandpa, words filled with pride. Perhaps we do not understand, but the monthly salary of 4000 yuan, why can this boy proud to do so, you hear my story, perhaps will understand.

said, "if one day you feel life is especially hard, maybe God is preparing surprise for you,


more than 1 months before I called my mother, to be exact, in June 25, 2009, I went into the Internet Co with great pressure and worked as a partner in the promotion of dating websites. There are more than 10 days when I graduated, but the pressure came from I can’t get this thing because the university graduation certificate, addicted to the game, so I fail the exam because many fail the exam too much, in the end I just gave up the idea of a diploma, as a senior last semester learning website construction and promotion knowledge. While looking for work, I was thinking about this, we must find a job before graduation, and then to demonstrate their ability to work, if in the contract, I want to find a diploma, I can take my ability to work. And when I found that job, I had more than 10 days left to graduate, and I knew what would happen if I was forced to quit my job. I really wouldn’t imagine it.

in fact, when I entered the company, my network promotion knowledge is basically zero, only know some BBS post, what SEO, Baidu bidding all don’t know what mean. But I was lucky, when before the internship met a senior giving me some network promotion knowledge, what impressed me most was a network promotion very cow B celebrity, his name is Mou Changqing, he has his own personal blog at that time, in order to learn network promotion knowledge, I his blog posts from A to Z watched three times. At that time, finally learn knowledge is the largest – focus, details, and execution.

so, the history of the struggle that I have never forgotten begins. At that time the company has a lot to employees, they have explored some ways to promote the social networking site, is the most effective forum and QQ group, and I also do not understand other promotion methods, thinking them through these methods have the effect, then I will follow, and the cheek to the old staff and stood behind them to see how they operate, I follow the operation finished. In this way, jittery work five days later, in July 1st, the company paid, when the basic salary was only 800, while the Commission is an effective registration of 2 yuan users, this is still relatively high. In statistics last month effectively registered users, I am worried, afraid of 5 days of effort without effect, in case there is no effective users, then I have no confidence. But God always cares for people who work hard. When I count the statistics, I have more than 90 effective registered users. When I paid my salary, I received more than 300 yuan.


Whether the game can filter out the excellent master SEO

if only from the Bo excellent game ranking to determine whether SEO is the master, is obviously not reliable, we analysis the existing problems about the game.

website optimization generally around the target word and long word, a website is often a lot of target words, it depends on your target keyword analysis, when multiple target words appear depends on how you write the title of the website is more appropriate and reasonable, how the layout of the target word is more conducive to optimization, and the excellent the game has a given target word, and only one, so you can ignore this aspect ability.

is generally used to optimize home page target keywords, so the website headline writing also have a fixed reference model, the target word layout is relatively also have case reference, really difficult, can reflect the level of optimization is the optimization strategy of the long tail word, long tail word mining, selection and layout, are very particular about there many details and techniques, and it can not reflect the Bo excellent game capacity in this area.

for this game, almost no what novel optimization techniques, almost every day to do two things, the first is to adhere to the original, second is to insist on the chain, the game evolved into whose writing speed, the chain resources who is rich, and can not really reflect the overall optimization level of a person.

I think we should formally reflect a level of optimization, at least to have the following three capabilities,

: the first optimization of the target word, the first analysis of the target word competition, and reasonably selects several suitable division operation, and reasonable layout of the target word, but also to develop the target word capture scheme

second: the optimization of the long tail word, long tail word optimization is a protracted war, such as the long term mining ability, analysis ability, reasonable configuration, a long-term implementation of the program, the effect evaluation scheme, optimization of tracking process, optimization scheme and so on, to optimize the strategy adjustment practice.

third: operation level, such as the website user experience improvement, how to effectively improve the conversion rate, how to improve the website activity, how to tap the user ability and other aspects of comprehensive ability.

expects webmaster network next optimization competition to change the rules, can truly reflect the comprehensive optimization ability of the game.

This article from the original

excellent www.cmsjzw.com always pay attention to the station every day, share the SEO most valuable experimental data, at the same time I have PR4 high weight website Zhao Links, contact QQ:465397197 (please respect copyright, reproduced indicate the source, thank you!)

The so-called SEO concept and some nonsense

called SEO, a lot of theories, but I think it is more important to practice.

what is SEO? Well, I don’t copy those off the shelf answers on the Internet. Let me just say that my understanding is to get more of your IP on the search engines, such as BAIDU and GOOGLE.

one of the rules of the game, we have to do this, is to play games, to play the game, we must first understand the rules of the game, like to play CS, you don’t know what W is forward, S is back, QE is about translation, that you play.

SEO is also a game, and we need to understand the rules of SEO. This game is NPC with a continuously updated, human intelligence search engine, in the face of China grassroots webmaster, more NPC is Baidu, sometimes both at GOOGLE and GOOGLE in Chinese or after all mixed miserably.

then, first talk about Baidu, this company is not let us grassroots webmaster General Ray, well, basically every month must come to a big aunt, from time to time to slap you, you can’t say anything. This is our station in a station point of view, then he is to Baidu customers ah, his client is to provide money to advertisers for him, and that he is the best known China search engine users.

amount, a few years ago, Baidu put forward a slogan, "we want to user experience as the center of N.". X, we have a way, he released his rules of the game, then we play according to the rules of the game?.

user experience.


UE (User Experience) is a purely subjective mental feeling that builds up when users use a product (service). Because it is purely subjective, there are certain uncertainties. Individual differences also determine that each user’s real experience can not be fully modeled or reproduced in other ways. However, for a well-defined user community, the commonality of user experience can be recognized by well-designed experiments.

X, copied the contents of the Baidu encyclopedia, concept, we learned that a user in the use of products or services in the process of establishing a psychological feel. OK, our website, if you want to face Chinese users, to Baidu to help, this is our principle. Let users get good psychological feelings, in fact, very simple, advertising less, content really they want, content in a timely manner so that they get. This is a good user experience.

then we’ll take a look at the top ranked website and see if we can verify this.

refers to the Chinese search list: http://top.baidu.com/top_keyword.html

the first keyword, QQ, click on the first page of the eye. >

Yang Wenjian detailed analysis report of three giants of China Advertising Association (Part one)

advertising alliance is 99.9% webmaster Yisifumu, even the Sina portal is no exception. Today, we will give you a detailed analysis of China’s advertising alliance "three giants": Google, AdSsense, Baidu alliance and Ali mom, Taobao customers, and Yang Wenjian operators of the 58 day pay union (www.58ad.org). The main contents of the analysis are the advantages of advertising alliances, the disadvantages of advertising alliances, what stations are suitable for delivery, and the successful cases of advertising alliances.

Google AdSsense advantage:

in the advertising alliance, the first to make it CPC Google AdSsense, Google AdSsense is the highest in all the click advertising unit of an advertising alliance. Relying on the Google technology team developed AdSsense advertising matching system. And Google search for powerful influence, attract a large number of Adwords advertisers, basically let each kind of legitimate websites can accurately match to the relevant advertising.

AdSsense can accurately match directional traffic to Adwords advertisers, allowing advertisers to maximize conversions with minimal hits. Accurate ad matching allows Adwords advertisers to flock to bidding, thus driving up the AdSsense click price. Google’s ability to cheat and match its exact advertising system, and the large number of Adwords advertisers Google has developed, is one of the reasons why AdSsense has become one of the most influential advertising alliances in china.

AdSsense offers both picture ads and text ads, and the effect of Yang Wenjian testing is that text ads are more responsive to picture ads, and advertisers choose the most popular form of advertising. The advantage of text ads is to make web pages look neat and user experience good. At the same time, text ads are integrated with web content.

at the same time, Google is an American company, and the citizens who are not in the United States do not have to pay taxes. All the advertising fees can be added to the AdSsense.

The disadvantage of

Google AdSsense:

1 settlement process is too complex, the cycle is too long,

AdSsense, the biggest disadvantage is a collection process is too complex, full account of $10, Google to determine the webmaster identity verification and verification by telephone address, address verification need to apply PIN code, from the other side of the Atlantic feibook across the seas with a 6 digit PIN code. Sometimes it is not possible to get it for 3 months, but later it was changed from Google in china.

advertising is in every two months at the end of $100 after full settlement before, also from the United States send a check over, big >

The site was K failed experience


site is Baidu K, although it is not what a good thing, but I hope the experience of failure, we can get something! A lot of Baidu K website, but to sum up, mainly in the following main aspects of

the first aspect: a lot of stack keywords, keywords,

web site with a few keywords, keywords, originally, this is understandable. But a lot of pile of keywords, is the search engine most offensive cheating method, because keywords, keywords, stack

will virtually increase the burden on spiders, the major search engines now explicitly said: "stack keywords, keywords is serious cheating," universal navigation network "K" is the reason for this one.

, if you’ve been piling up keywords and keywords that haven’t been written by Baidu K, you’d better change it right away.

second aspects: optimizing too much

According to a lot of

by Baidu K site analysis, optimization of the site of Baidu is very sensitive, a little too much, which Baidu will K you did not discuss, I is the establishment of a kind friend said to me, the biggest website optimization is not optimal, so here I need to remind you that the optimization of the website can to not overdo sth..

third aspects: a lot of know in Baidu advertising, or post it to fight for traffic

in Baidu products to promote, it is possible to receive unexpected results, but you have to do it rhythmically, do not let others see it. Baidu is disgusted with advertising in its products. The so-called reach, if you want to pursue the words flow within a short period of time, that your site will be punished accordingly, is being dropped by Baidu K

fourth aspects: K links by

is also a part of Links website maintenance, we need to constantly check if there were Baidu K off site links on your site, your site will be reduced light weight, heavy will be K out. For example: at that time http://www.zaxsw.cn was Baidu K dropped, and the domain name links to several webmaster friends to reflect to me, their website should be my reasons have been implicated.

of course, I write not necessarily comprehensive, I hope friends criticized me, correct, thank you!