The price of electronic commerce search engine was born

search engine is in the service of the online shopping consumer groups website, the cultivation of the market of nearly ten years, more and more Internet users become the main online shopping consumer groups, especially at the end of 70 after the birth of users, online shopping has formed a habit, growing online shopping consumption long also heralds a new the consumption era.

The implementation of

for the product purchase desire, prompting users to fully understand the performance, knowledge of products, but often lack detailed product information in the online transaction, the user is unable to buy the product correctly and quickly using the product, and the product damage caused by misuse or even buy their needs and do not conform to this product, in the traditional shopping websites rarely provide detailed product information and data, and other aspects of the content, which is required by the user.


first stage: product price, product introduction to focus on the development of database and background control interface, user input through the product name and price will be able to achieve the search function, the system will give the user the product price and the arrangement of data consistent, provide fuzzy matching and accurate matching function. If you cannot find the products you need or price can provide user demand for the release of the function. >

online shopping, the biggest worry is the sale, although there are now: the seller reputation evaluation system and the third party payment and other means to ensure the maximum fairness, but the virtual network world, credibility are still unable to meet the needs of users, so the establishment of a reliable business reputation information the query will help users better deal to buy their own goods.

engine is divided into three phases:

Chinese, for most for cheap products and has a strong desire in online shopping, the map is cheaper, but how do I know if I buy something that is cheap? Only in the shopping site query is not enough, the user wants to know the same subject in different regions the price level, it is difficult to do the traditional online shopping website.

the credibility of the seller?Any questions

four: how to get the product details

?The traditional consumption habits of

two, the price of search engineThe

in the domestic large sites such as Taobao, eBay and other sites, while providing a search function, either BC or CC are unable to meet the needs of users, so to establish a perfect product database is particularly important, in view of the current situation, there are no relevant website operators aware of this. This is the price we develop search site opportunities.

The price of

problem: how to get what you want

three: how to

, the online shopping problems

question two: whether to buy things is the cheapest

The love of Shanghai chain tools Qiao do subtraction successfully restored right down the site a cas

two, the low quality of the pageThe

In the new version of

when we construct the regional channel, and vertical industry segments that formed area + industry keywords mode, such as Jiangsu, Jiangsu talent + + feed feed + + + + Jiangsu recruitment, feed sales; when building industry channels, we also carried out a regional breakdown of the flat, take the regional industry + + keywords mode, in addition, we on the area of the province was conducted again in the city and county subdivision.


website was drop right, the author here recorded a painful experience and successful recovery. The company operating the site has more than ten years, the web structure and website ten years ago the framework will change significantly, the station in 2012 March conducted a major revision, because the industry is doing the recruitment, the focus of the revision of the site is horizontal and vertical industry regional subdivision subdivision, direction laid down, we carried out the construction of the page, in the specific implementation, has made a serious mistake.

system on the line, because the page number included in the amount increased significantly, the website long tail keywords flow also have a larger increase, but in 2012 October, from Shanghai love flow decreased rapidly, snapshot is down right, unfortunately. After 4 months of effort, including complaints of garbage processing, the chain page rejection method, successful recovery. Today focuses on processing the page snapshot recovery and low quality of the page.

, a home page snapshot recovery

part, you may have found that our regional industry and industry + + area serious repeat, in addition to site is not the same, the content is exactly the same, at the same time, due to the region of county, city subdivision, many remote areas and no such jobs and talent, such a large number of pages without content, that is said, because of lack of website content content cannot support frame. Love love Shanghai Shanghai website guide "think what kind of website is more grab and included value", "please don’t create content for search engines", "please don’t create more than one contains a large number of duplicate content >

drop right before the first update snapshot, before the drop right has been a few months, about a month after the revision of the snapshot. After the IIS log analysis, we found that the spider day home page crawling 400-500 times, but the status code of 304 States accounted for 80%, only about 20% of the 200, and 304 showed that the web content is not updated, you can imagine if you love Shanghai think this website each time no new content, and low weight site the snapshot, it is not necessary to update frequently, we suspect that automatically generate static pages web page time interval is too long, the solution: the original web page automatically generate a 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and more new content. Results: after about a week, a snapshot of the normal.

For many reasons the

The recent love Shanghai pictures show some personal views of the issue

and most of the webmaster in site and search keywords can be seen with effect, which greatly improves the user experience, we can imagine, if you search for a keyword ranking in front of you no picture, and you have been illustrated, then you will have the flow you may exceed the ranking in front of the opponent, moreover, even if the traffic did not go up, if your company is a collection of LOGOU images, then it is for the user is playing an ad, so love Shanghai is a fully open with opportunities for webmasters, agree is a challenge I think most of the webmaster! Will spend some time in the picture, this will be the birth of a large number of artists?!

This !

but in yesterday 26, Shanghai has been fully opened up by love, love most of all with the text search in Shanghai.

December 24th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the latest information: due to the recent love Shanghai search system fully upgraded, more on the quality of web content recognition accuracy, this will enable a large number of excellent content to get faster and more complete collection. It starts from the end of December, the amount of data you see the site index will be increased to a certain degree, with index data in sea tools will also have the corresponding promotion, this promotion is a normal phenomenon, please everyone with new data as the standard.


I don’t comment! Because in fact illustrated not only recently, early a few months ago there appeared a small amount of the site with effect, but it is only for some love Shanghai more trust, the higher the weight of the site, and the picture above is the data of October, and I have a large selection of test next, find a lot of pictures appear effect site and not mentioned above.

there are a lot of people say that it is because of this reason

currently love Shanghai has not given the relevant explanation! That is to say, Shanghai does not define how to love to grab pictures, I also think is by using ALT tags to crawl, but there are also some site grab a picture and no ALT label, so people think spiders are random crawl, which is clawing >!


but now illustrated effect is not very good, may be the love of Shanghai is still in the testing phase! Look below the search of the keywords wood wood Shanghai dragon blog, the search results are:


the first picture shows not only illustrated the effect, also has a separate graphic effect, while the second chapter pictures of wood and I said, this picture is never seen, and I also click into the page does not exist in this picture.


I love mule learn to do business with the eyes of the stationThe whole game of Ali’s mom – you don’t

pinson: Oh, or you add more advertising, in Ali mother, or in the near future, big buyers have begun in Ali mother big procurement, also hope that your position can sell as soon as possible, ha

opening: today, Ali mother’s customer service staff found me, I want to buy the top advertising site. From our chat record below, I believe we can help you understand what kind of trading platform Ali mom is. In the end Ali mother and Ali group relationship is like?. Don’t talk nonsense, chat on record.

Linghu solitary: what?

pinson: promotion Ali mom

: the location is solitary Linghu station advertising, 2000

pinson: we can only use Ali mother platform trading

pinson: want to advertise on your website,

as everyone knows, to do a webmaster, to do very much, registering a domain name, server maintenance, website design, webpage design, LOGO design, data collection, copy writing, SEO, website promotion and so on must have to be, but a person’s energy is limited, a person wants to do all these too hard, in fact, as some production sites, send the chain itself can spend some money to find someone else to do, they can grasp the overall situation, who can earn a lot of money the owners do not have everything personally, we have not seen what companies and factories have a boss to do manual work the. Of course, as a webmaster, must all the processes and factors on the website have to understand, novice webmaster at the beginning can begin from the website to make money is to be done by one person, then, for the whole process and related factors have to understand, do the station can selectively do their own good things no need to do their own, some of you can find someone else to do, and when you don’t have to do this laborious thing, you can have more time to do other more useful things.

three, more friends, more exchanges,

everyone knows whether business is successful or not. Communication is a big factor. So do standing. It can be said that the size of a friend’s circle determines the size of your website and how much money you earn. Most of the current situation of small owners themselves are doing at home station bulkhead, rarely communicate with others. You can look at the webmaster now doing great people, look at their social circle, some people will say that most of them are famous, only then know so many people, in fact, otherwise these people

: the top of our lone Linghu price is 8000, because just opened the station, so it did not sell. You should know more about the operation of the site than I do. Especially the question of advertising price. Forum that picture advertising is 800 months, has been bought out of the

? ? now

website is a lot of knowledge, want to do website is very easy, in fact, do stand like business, a lot of things are interlinked, with business vision and ideas to do stand, maybe success is not so difficult.

: How did statistics Linghu gu. Every day is going up. August 1st opened. It is estimated that the main station IP5000 above, the forum is almost the same as the whole more than 10 thousand points, pure quantity, there is no cheating, if cheating can brush to 200 thousand, then there is no need. sh419 some time ago punishment, just included today to 70 thousand pages, the original search accounted for only 2%, estimated that this week can reach about 30%. Think for yourself how far the amount will rise,

click on registered Ali mom to sell your website ad > > alimama

pinson: you need to put the ads on Ali’s mom, and then we’ll buy the ads at the top 468X60. Can you sell them?

: you are what type of solitary Linghu ad?

: how lonely Linghu cooperation?

pinson: of course, we are also looking forward to working with the webmaster. After all, we’ve just started, ha

one, do not experience everything personally


pinson: would you like to talk to Ali about your mother’s advertising cooperation? Ali, mom, about advertising,

pinson: I see. How much is the total station IP now?

many webmaster are very rigid, I personally for a long time is the same, only know to do stand, and then SEO, put advertising, make money. This down, too tired, but money is not much, in fact, we do stand to make money, so if we can achieve this purpose, there are other ways of doing things in front, we can try another way, now many people don’t have a website, but can use sh419 know, microwave and make pots full bowl full. Even if the site is not necessarily the only SEO, many Webmaster Station are not willing to throw money, it is not very good, we all know that business people are throwing money to earn a lot of money, do stand is the same as above, the first point that we can spend a little money to find someone outside the site the chain, sometimes, according to the website of the need, we can also put a little money to make sh419 bid, advertising, do stand is not only SEO, as long as the end can make money on the line.

two, do not be too rigid, make money, not only do station and SEO

pinson: Yes, 2000 dollars and two more ads, huh,

: General Linghu our solitary consumption is for IDC and the alliance. There is no advertising in the short run

: see advertising prices, Linghu alone is not to see the site prospects, existing IP or IP. Adsense kind of site for all the target users.

See beginners experience higherIn 2007, stationmaster can make money like this

recent 07 years webmaster hard to earn the money the more, from the analysis of the current situation, seems reasonable, of course changmen do not despair, as long as the network still have money, space. In fact, a lot of people are advocating "content is king, the flow of the first", but I think, should add a, should be "content is king, profit first, flow second, why should I emphasize the importance of profit mode, the reason is that a kind of website, especially the entertainment station flow is generally high, but profit is a problem, the main reason is the way.

 :    ;     second kinds: professional profit model.        

          in fact, the most successful web but also a XX station, because the station will have so many loyal members, members regularly to charge a membership fee, if the other site want to have a large number of loyal members must be content efforts, but also with Internet sharing the spirit of contradiction, such as you build a learning English data member fees, over a period of time, you search for free station similar content at the same time so do meet the eye everywhere, and we must think of a way to control the content of the loss of way is varied, but it is not anti anti gentleman villain, China some websites provide electronic magazine can be used for reference, there are some papers, movies, secretarial sites, do not rule out some Adsense shot for a place, the money was almost go. One of these sites should notice that if you don’t do it very quickly, it’s easy to get copy, and you’ll end up beaten.

What has been the profit model of

          want to make money, do the station before you should think about the site’s profit model.

4. persevere,

1. remember, impatient

, you may want to do a lot of time, I suggest you here, don’t do more to start small, choose a few you think better do a little Wangzhuan, then put it well, do fine, be familiar with, to do more, so it is very helpful to you later. Do too much, do not see, add up to a lot of money, but that is your money? This is still unknown, to see the real money to get your hands. Have a little money in all Wangzhuan books, but do you think you can get? Some may be started at the time of registration, send more money, but back to you, it is very difficult, so do not hit your bank account money is not your money. You only do a few, a few are doing fine, although a small number, but few are able to get the money, get the money after your confidence will increase, can really get the money, also have experience, so to make their own progress faster, for the future lay a solid foundation.

eat hot tofu, there are a lot of people contact Wangzhuan from the beginning, we think this can earn a lot of money, wanted to hold a gold doll, if you are such an idea, I advise you to see from here and stopped, don’t do Wangzhuan, because you will only continue to do you are very disappointed, so you three minutes of enthusiasm, do not want to do, just stop now. Everything has a beginning, a good thing in the world, and a very high salary at the very beginning, which is impossible at all. Do Wangzhuan is a process of accumulation, nothing is the same, you begin to contact Wangzhuan, it is not very understanding, how can we make a lot of money? Only slowly familiar, know the secret, slowly earn more. Others say do Wangzhuan is to make money, earn a thousand dollars, but you did not see how he is doing, he is also a step by step. Therefore, we should straighten out the mentality, starting from the most basic, but also from the easiest to start. First, if you can receive the money, then the Wangzhuan road took a big step, behind the work is well done, but also to keep learning, improve themselves, lay the foundation for future. You can think of it. If you don’t do it, you don’t have any money, no matter how much you do, you’ll be rich as long as you do it.

2. starts, don’t spend too much time on it,

first: member type profit model.

          websites that implement this model have professionals and build a good reputation in a particular field. These mainly refers to those of CMS, BBS system providers, such as wind, PowerEasy, network, Empire and so on.


3. starts with the sperm, and then does the

          big flicker Wang Tong said, "the network to make money is by selling products and selling services", although so far, he lied boasting countless, but this sentence, is justified, is about actual profit models, but more abstract point


began to do Wangzhuan, don’t spend too much time to do Wangzhuan, spend one or two hours a day is enough. If you spend too much time on it, it’s not worth the candle. In the beginning, you only use it as a part-time job. For a long time, you are familiar with it, when you decide how much time you need to spend on it.

persistence is victory. Don’t get three minutes of enthusiasm and begin to see or hear


third: formal standard profit model.

When do Wangzhuan

websites so far?

How to choose the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novicePoor travel network COO Cai Jinghui Ali investment make

How to choose the Wangzhuan

poor tour in ten years, the pursuit of fast track is different with other Internet Co, poor travel network insists to do a slow company. But in recent years, due to the explosive spread, poor travel network seems to have become a fast company.

many Wangzhuan beginning in droves, bustling, a few days it desolate or increasingly high No one shows any interest in, or not, gradually began to pay, or even close down. A lot of people do Wangzhuan so blind, in the end did not earn much money but also a waste of precious time. There are so many examples that many people are prone to make mistakes. Therefore, we choose Wangzhuan, long-term vision to put some. Look for projects that are likely to be stable for a long time, then plan how to double your income, and then repeat what you plan to do. For example, the DonkeyMails project alone, 1 months to earn less than $1, but the station has been from the project easily earn nearly 5000 yuan, and passive income, long-term stability is the reason of this project, excellent reputation and credibility, suitable for long-term promotion.

in the Internet era, fans are the primary productive force. High interactive, strong loyalty, persistent fans of consumption, the energy generated by the crowd is amazing, and therefore is the birth of a new economic term "fan economy"".

many beginner mistakes: too much, this will make the end, also want to make, what did not earn money, but also tired. So you should learn to choose, to choose their own projects from a large number of reliable Wangzhuan project grasp or interested. There are only homes, in their own Wangzhuan project efforts, doing fine to become bigger and stronger, it is possible to easily wangzhuan.

the station a few days ago published an article "on the judgment whether the liar Wangzhuan method" article in A5, which introduced many methods of judging Wangzhuan project. Learn to identify whether the liar Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project selection is the first step, which is to engage in Wangzhuan must have the most basic ability, also began to face the problem, only the real project to get the money, otherwise everything is empty.

, founded in 2008, is the originator of the short rental industry in Airbnb. In just a few years, its users have spread across more than 34000 cities in 192 countries, valued at $10 billion. In May 29th, poor travel network and the U.S. short rental website Airbnb announced a strategic partnership.

collaboration is due to values,

There are many methods of how to choose the

COO Cai Jinghui

What is the

Cai Jinghui also believes that the mobile Internet era, so that word-of-mouth spread faster. It’s like a snowball effect. It’s getting bigger and bigger on the first floor.

Wangzhuan project, things are in constant development, do Wangzhuan is to keep learning, keep pace with the times, in order to have a more suitable for their own Wangzhuan project. I wish everyone can find their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, easy. the first A5 www.74498 network easily Wangzhuan reprint please, thank you!

it is understood that did not involve the poor travel network and Airbnb cooperation in the capital level. However, Cai Jinghui to CNR network technology said that the future does not rule out the possibility.

poor travel network

1, learn to identify the Wangzhuan liar project

? This is a compulsory course in any industry are engaged in wangzhuan. "The choice is more important than hard work." this is a lot of people are aware of the truth, do Wangzhuan must learn to choose their own Wangzhuan, learn to do what what is more important. At present, domestic and foreign Wangzhuan project more and more, the network prospect will be better to make money, but in the face of so many Wangzhuan, many people began to confusion, I do not know how to start. Therefore, the choice of Wangzhuan then talk about this topic.

poor travel network company or fast slow company? Cai Jinghui gave an accurate answer, seven or eight years ago, the poor travel network is slow, the patience to precipitate the user, nor.

hand short rental website Airbnb, poor travel network is based on what kind of consideration? Cai Jinghui said the CNR network technology, which is the two cultural values with the product of the company. Travel is a very interesting thing, it is a continuation of life, poor travel network and Airbnb is consistent on this concept. By working with Airbnb, it can be all over the world’s private residence show in poor travel platform.

3, Wangzhuan the long-term vision to put some


China Internet Conference held in Beijing in 2014, the theme of this conference is to create unlimited opportunities to build a new era of economic engines". During the meeting, poor travel network COO Cai Jinghui accepted an exclusive interview with the central broadcasting network technology, he believes that cooperation with ALI indeed largely help the poor travel network can go faster.

community needs time to settle

online travel industry, poor travel network is also a deep understanding of fans economics, Cai Jinghui said the CNR network technology, a certain sense would need time to process a speaking community, community atmosphere in the form of a transmission is not a day for two days, to a period of precipitation, precipitation after the formation of a high barrier. The core of the fan economy is word of mouth, first of all to find the core crowd, and then serve the core crowd, and finally let them spread. Word of mouth gives them good reason to spread, so that they are willing to share and pass on the benefits to others.

is a fast travel company

2, learn to choose, to choose their own Wangzhuan

No, don’t start a business. You never know how deep the pit will beMobile business development know-

Most of the goods sold on

, however, not all companies must adopt a "time bound" model to commercialize their mobile business. Yon Groupe, vice president of mobile business at Gilt · Feldman Feldman, said the company had added a special "know-how" to its mobile applications, leaving the apps separate from the company’s Web site

Gilt Groupe are sold only through "flash sale", that is, consumers have very little time to buy a commodity at a discount price. In many cases, the Gilt Groupe products will be sold in a few minutes, so for consumers, this is a competition; and naturally, in this business model, consumers can through intelligent mobile phone at any time and any place to buy goods, the mobile purchase way becomes a advantage.

in January 28, 2009, several young people, braving the cold wind, held leaflets in their hands and distributed them to each passing pedestrian. The fliers were colored and covered with attractive, elaborate snacks. Biscuits, plum, candied fruit, it is able to attract the eyeball of white-collar workers.

Abstract: entrepreneurship requires capital, experience capital and money capital. Either you have enough experience, or you have enough money. But the reality is that many people especially those who have just graduated don’t know much about the industry and the funds are not enough. They have neither experience nor money, so they are full of vigor and dreams.

"I’m going to start a business and do online education. Remember to cheer me up,

With the rapid development of

has not yet been successful companies in the mobile business areas such as Facebook to get some tips from Gilt Groupe, this start-up company located in New York famous for selling designer clothes. The CEO of Gilt Groupe expects the company to receive 40% of its revenue from its iPhone and iPad applications during the Independence Day holiday in July 4th.

Beijing on June 30th news, "New York Times" website recently published by Blaine · Chen Brian X. Chen blog article said that for Facebook has not yet been successful companies in the mobile business field, start-up companies Gilt Groupe experience can provide some reference. This start-up company located in New York famous for selling designer clothes, the successful experience of mobile business is mainly in the mobile platform and the website itself separated, and in accordance with the order of priority to the development of mobile business.

company, only one year later, the scale of sales revenue exceeded 7 million yuan, registering >

this number sounds very impressive, but it has not always been able to reach this level. Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin · Ruian Kevin P. Ryan said that the company has 25% of the overall revenue from the mobile business, and called for this figure has a larger increase in the holiday season will be optimistic, the reason is that people have more freedom in vacation time to carefully conducted online shopping activity.

entrepreneurs are becoming younger and more impetuous. The Internet has magnified the success of the aura, millions of profit tease our nerves, but few people concerned about the failure of these groups, what is the state, where, now have what kind of life.

"what else can I do? Get a job and pay for it."."

"entrepreneurship" this word, almost two years suddenly suddenly fired hot, and even the door of the bus station advertising, from the "kidney treasure" replaced "people entrepreneurship."". And bad things are bad, in the "people" of these two words, it makes people underestimate the difficulty of entrepreneurship, think of opening a company, hire a few employees, playing advertising, you can sit back and count money.

below is the full text of this article:

so, why Gilt Groupe in the mobile business areas can achieve such success? For shopping in the intelligent mobile phone screen small, people do not feel excited; however, the company’s business model to attract customers, even if they are Xingse rush.

a few months ago, my WeChat received the news. I am not very familiar with the person who sent the news, and I did not say a few words to him. I think he should have sent a group of people, so as to seek inspiration and encouragement. It left me a snack for him.

170 thousand, not too much exaggeration, but also enough to drink a pot. I asked him what he was going to do next, but he couldn’t help it:

1. survivors of survivorship bias

China has nearly 10000 new companies registered with the trade and Industry Bureau every day, and 80% of them will be closed three years later.

as long as white-collar workers are willing to, after placing an order online, within 2 hours can be delivered to the door. this kind of takeaway mode is rare in the 2009, very novel

opened its first day and sent 500 leaflets for half a day, drawing 50 orders. 10% of the high conversion rate, so that these young people cheered. A good start.

as if they never showed up.

the sun rises from the west, the market economy of the wheel of countless people come on an impulse, and frustrated.

brush WeChat yesterday, suddenly think of this matter, points into his circle of friends a look, only to know that he has failed in business, burn borrowed money, owed 170 thousand of the external debt.

The future development of the website Amoy a variety of earnings coexistThe character editor Zhang Y

really wanted to stop, study and start again." Zhang Yue said in WeChat.

time is very clever, two acquaintances for more than ten years of friends, all in the summer of 2015 stopped, fall into the next step of life thinking. In the end, they decided to "seize the tail of youth" and aim at the hot summer sports industry.

financing: Angel round financing 10 million, investors for plum Angel Fund founding partner Wu Shichun. A round of financing 50 million will soon be completed.

cooked a product, and then to this product as the core, and constantly add related products, which is most of the current

is located in the office of sports match Ditan Park has 240 square meters, CEO Zhu Shuiwang station in the office on the corner of the. In order to hold the position, he made a bitter decision. In June last year, Zhu here dismissed the valuation of two hundred million of the travel charter project – chopsticks travel. At that time he may not think, a few months later, he was in the same place, set up a staff neat team, continue to be in full swing state.

opening whistle: after reflection, join the sports business

today, as chief executive of the sports match and chief content officer, Zhu Shuiwang and Zhang Yue seemed to put the star entrepreneurs and editor of the "people" aura, with many reflection, two 35 year old students to start all over again.

chopsticks travel founder Zhu Shuiwang their valuation of 200 million yuan of the company, and the "people" magazine editor Zhang Yue, micro signal operations master Liu Yongguo gathered in sports field of entrepreneurship, the establishment of sports match. They cut from the badminton market, is building a sports new media matrix and a market cutting-edge brands. Their round of angel financing was $10 million, and 50 million of the A round of financing was nearing completion.

is funnel marketing. The so-called funnel type of marketing, in particular to do so, a guest post an offer on the Internet, this information has enough eye effect, such as the 1000 person to see this information, 100 people click on the link information to the site, and then 50 people have carefully read the information and content. The use of mobile phone, , etc. I number and sales staff, 20 people finally completed the purchase behavior, this process is like a funnel filter layer, precipitation of the sales process of the minority, is the marketing funnel.

inside the new team, one more Zhu Shuiwang old acquaintance, he in the Department of philosophy at Lanzhou University classmate, "people" magazine publisher and former editor Zhang Yue. In July 2015, the "people" magazine’s "35th anniversary masters" special issue, on a full stop for Zhang Yue print career, he chose the bare speech.

project overview: the company was founded in October 2015. The company’s operations through WeChat sports public number to gather the user, through the interactive sports marketing and new media to create its own brand of sports equipment and other forms of mining user value, has launched its own brand of badminton.

"when I broke up with the team, I had two months to sleep at night."." >

Turn off the

we saw above a set of data, in the process of marketing funnel in the premise of the discount, which attract the user’s click rate is 1/10, until the successful completion of purchase transactions, only 20 people, the final conversion rate is 2%. Most Taobao first set foot in the guest, do these 2% customers, but also some guest want to gain more customers and launched more products, ignore a problem, we say 2% is a relatively mature product average value, but also a promotion means, such as preferential release information, and make a certain number of the target users see, so, for the first time do escape guest webmaster, or a commodity more appropriate.

time!The most common way of marketing in

team: Zhu Shuiwang, founder and CEO of sports match, many entrepreneurs, before chopsticks travel CEO. Zhang Yue, founder and chief content officer, "people" magazine publisher and editor. Liu Yongguo, founder and chief operating officer of sports match point, the number of public sports match and own brand "Tang shield" of the original owner.

the development of any industry is on the basis of previous experience on the basis of the guest site has experienced several years of development, is now involved in this area of the webmaster, obviously feel Taobao money off the odds, why is there such a phenomenon? Many industries in the initial stage, all in one a starting line, after several years of experience, insist on down, most of the market is a veteran in battle, grasp the accuracy, profit predict degree, professional degree is not at first but it can not be mentioned in the same breath, said Taobao into the guest website no future, now do guest, still have a chance, just the success of the

so, how to further expand the business guest? A mature guest website, absolutely not a commodity, but also not to blindly expand the product, we still in the earlier example, preferential release of information of a product, to gain access to the amount of 100 people, 50 user consultation, the final is 20 individuals to reach a deal. Well, at this point, we’ll have to analyze. What’s the reason for the other 30 people to give up the purchase? Price, quality, or otherwise?. Now the commodity has diversified development, the same kind of products, according to different consumers, can be divided into high and low grade, if you think the price is a problem, then we can add some related products on the site, if consumers want to buy products and related products, so you can add related goods.

Qi Wei’s fresh fruit, rights of the headset, Kang Causeway depth binding star IP to create a eat and

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

is responsible for the supply chain, as well as the laying and sales of the online and offline channels in greater china. The company has reached a strategic cooperation relationship with the era of lithography. The latter accumulated considerable traffic through WeChat’s wallet entrance, which officials say has sixty million active fans. Lithographic era to promote headset on its public letter headlines, mall banner positions, at the same time with the theme of "popular movie made right Zhilong take you to the movies, such as" Pirates of the Caribbean, has not been released by Transformers.

‘s first mature brand is FreshMix fruit, which is owned by Qi Wei, the star of CEO. Gao Xiaofei told 36 krypton, operating more than two years, FreshMix fruit excellent success, so that the team saw the opportunity to bundle the depth of the star. In 2017, the company will be on the line three brands, of which the GD rights of the headset has been on sale in May 25th.

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entrepreneurship era, star entrepreneurship has become a hot phenomenon. Relying on Star halo and fan effect, star entrepreneurship has unique resource advantages. But entrepreneurship is not just traffic and attention issues, brand building and the overall operation of the link, the star of professionalism, but also to mark a question mark. In this regard, Kang shares founder Gao Xiaofei think, let professional people to do professional things.

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combines headphones music attributes, the team will choose channels related to music cooperation, online such as music, Jingdong 618 activities will be this headset as the main recommended. The line with the high-end KTV, Kingmv, haoledi, all the stores will carry out propaganda and sales; in addition, the shop will flash in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen downtown mall fast, creating the topic to do two fermentation propaganda.

      first talk about improving methods:  

      first of all declare: I am not interested in GGAD cheating. Just through some skills to control the GGAD unit price and click through rate. In addition, in view of the previous day announced a few tens of income knife station, and later caused dozens of similar sites, so far new similar phenomenon. I can’t publish the website as a case. It is a pity that we can not communicate with all of you.

recently had a dead station… . flow around 300IP, because of the recent preparatory student stationmaster net bbs.xszzw development, so there is no time to take care of, playing the GGAD optimization idea, now some of my experiences to share with the optimization of GGAD. There are many people who study GGAD online, and there are such organizations, but most of them are analyzed from the point of view of the website owner, which is doomed to their failure.

, Quan Zhilong and PMO headphones,

Quan Zhilong, the most obvious two labels are music and fashion, headphones are the most suitable for their personal image of the category. Young people wear headphones, not only to meet the needs of audio-visual, but also the embodiment of aesthetics. Quan Zhilong personally involved in headphone product development, including the appearance of the design, the deployment of sound quality, etc.. The series of headphones, a total of 12 SKU, ranging from 988 yuan to 4000 yuan.


        first of all I want to say the probability of a little GGAD Optimization: maybe it was a misunderstanding, GGAD not only increase the unit price and click rate of GGAD, to study how to improve it, but also to study how to put it down, was supposed to be a novice webmaster teach me before a few days, when I said to raise and lower the GGAD price and click rate, he only cares about improving, this attitude is not a webmaster should have, in order not to harm him, I couldn’t teach.

in addition, the two brands that are still in beta are Apie cake and All That Sweets coffee milk tea. The former is a well-known category in New Zealand, there are two characteristics: first, low calorie, the same volume of fat content is 1/9 of ordinary cake; two is the entrance of the instant, no satiety. The latter comes from Korea

      analysis of visitor’s computer level, the site visitor’s computer level is judged according to the content of the website, according to my experience, if visitors are computer low level, so the station is generally high click. But in 0%-8%, such as high level of computer owners, generally not others GGAD, if the point is delayed, so for the high level of computer users, is to increase the late method to improve CTR. Another user, who not long age users, they know GGAD the union people almost no, in their minds, the probability of no advertising, their understanding of advertising is entirely in accordance with the traditional way of thinking like TV kind, so they can only see ads on the site of the month package. And these GGAD as long as the set of good, they simply can not be aware of advertising, for such users, to improve the click rate, it is necessary to deceptive, inductive clicks based.  

was established in 2014 as a brand management company, and through the depth bundled star IP to build a brand of "eating and drinking". Depth binding is to point out a part of the shares to the stars, so that the stars become brand bosses. Compared with endorsement, in this model, the opportunity cost of star mistakes higher, strong endorsement is also more likely to drive fan economy.

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two, a strong backing of funds LETV announced a 50 million yuan investment

is now the world all stare, look at the five-star floating jiuxiao.

The Chinese athletes in the Olympic Games

Ho, project champion.

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China milepost 100 year history of the Olympic Games, to create a green Olympics, hi tech Olympics and Cultural Olympics three concepts, the International Olympic Committee’s Press Committee Chairman Gosper said the same day, the International Olympic Committee has reached an agreement with China to allow China during the Olympic Games in Beijing banned media access to some sensitive sites, so the crackdown on the site. In view of the extraordinary period, in order to the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster, to meet the supply needs of the majority of the webmaster, as the text messaging alliance teamed China Mobile, China Unicom launched the flagship antivirus products. In ensuring the Olympic Games, we integrated into the Olympic atmosphere, watching the wonderful competition, reflecting the high quality of the Chinese people, at the same time, our webmaster can also make modest efforts in the proper channels to support family life.

2008 02 01

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