Expectations and swamps?

first_imgPeople generally have expectations of those who aspire to public office, especially of those seeking the nation’s highest. That noted, Donald Trump, not seen as the conventional candidate, may have had to work a bit harder than others. With little or no political background and experience, he made a commitment during the 2016 USA presidential campaign to “drain the swamp”.Seeing things from a business perspective, he used that metaphorical phrase to tout his plans of fixing problems within the federal Government. That mantra probably created expectations of things being done differently from what’s expected of seasoned politicians.Given that Mr Trump won, one can posit that a good reason for his success could be that many Americans wanted things to be done differently from what seemed routine. His perceived decisiveness— though an expected business approach along with the belief that the “swamp” would be “drained”— of bureaucracy as well, may have resonated with millions.Within a short period, his presidency became plagued with controversy. That could have contributed to him been unable to “drain the swamp” to the expectation of his supporters. That suggests, some Americans, who believed, are disappointed over their expectations not fulfilled. Their circumstance epitomises that of millions of others across the world who are disillusioned by failed campaign promises. Guyana is not excluded.There can be no dispute that the APNU/AFC coalition was very convincing in their campaign promises during the 2015 general elections. Foremost was the promise to do things differently and to wipe out corruption. In an effort to try and prove that corruption was rife under the PPP/C, the APNU/AFC Government spent millions of taxpayers’ money on forensic audits of State agencies.While that progressed, the APNU/AFC Government, almost immediately, became embroiled in controversies as it was accused of wanton corruption. Without public tendering, the audits were farmed out to its friends and cronies.The construction of Jubilee Park, the Sussex Street Drug Bond, the feasibility study for the new Demerara Harbour Bridge and the many questionable transactions for the supply for medical drugs are just a few alleged corrupt dealings of the APNU/AFC Government within the early part of its tenure.Allegations of corruption, including the siphoning of State lands to cronies, have grown drastically over the past four years despite the promise of doing things differently. On entering office with a seeming high level of goodwill, there was an expectation of it delivering on its promises. There was also the expectation of a visionary approach to sustain the unprecedented economic expansion and growth that were envisaged and prudently managed by the PPP/C.Having moved Guyana from a bankrupt nation to one of prosperity under its tenure from 1992-2015, the PPP/C would have positively transformed and modernised Guyana through the implementation of visionary economic policies. Those policies led a vast improvement in the lives of ordinary Guyanese who were empowered by their own economic advancement.Enabling environments were created across the country as vital services were decentralised to allow for modernisation beyond the capital. The unparalleled development of the country’s social and physical infrastructure reminds of Guyana’s transformation under the PPP/C.Having therefore inherited a developing country with tangible local and international assets, and with an oil-based economy on the horizon, there was an expectation for the APNU/AFC Government to sustain Guyana’s development. Today’s reality under the coalition is unflattering as economic woes have been inflicted, development stymied and visionary leadership noticeably absent.The production of plantain chips seemingly became President David Granger’s vision to improve livelihoods and grow the economy. He went as far as championing the sale of cook-up rice as another impetus. While those, to an extent, can in a small way assist individuals, it cannot be a macro-transformative project to drive what was once a thriving and rapidly growing economy under the PPP/C.Some four years after, having seemingly been short on ideas, he is now advocating that Guyanese stop selling plantain chips and get into manufacturing. From that, it appears it took him that length of time to see things from a larger perspective. However, despite that late push, he has yet to envisaged and implement a macro-transformative project of any form. The economy continues to slide under his watch as many Guyanese are saddled with economic burdens.Therefore, by its own record, the APNU/AFC Government has removed any expectations Guyanese may have harboured for the improvement of their lives and the development of the country.Some hold fast to the belief that a “swamp” may have been created as of May 2015; one that is overly saturated with failed promises, innumerable allegations of corruption, a dearth of visionary approach to governance and one in which doing things differently means giving itself a massive pay hike at the expense of suffering Guyanese. Mr Trump’s mantra on swamps may be echoing.last_img read more

Independent candidate Jeff Richert releases Peace Region Priority Platform

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Independent candidate Jeff Richert has announced his platform and priorities if he is elected in the upcoming Provincial election.‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ is a slogan that Richert believes needs to be taken more seriously in the Peace Region.Richert has listed the following focus’ for his campaign:Fort St. John Senior Care Facility – ‘I will support fund raising efforts and advocate for the funding and development of a comprehensive care facility for seniors in Fort St John. There are over 300 seniors who require various forms of care with more people in need in future years. We need this issue addressed immediately.’ Taylor Bridge Replacement Plan – ‘I will advocate for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) to inform Peace Region residents of the Taylor Bridge situation and request the initiation of public consultations to determine the best course of action to replace the bridge with costs estimates and time lines. We need a plan to replace the Taylor Bridge and we need transparency as to how and when such a replacement could take place.’ – Advertisement -Richert is running against fellow Independent candidates Bob Fedderly and Rob Fraser. BC NDP candidate Rob Dempsey and BC Liberal candidate Dan Davies are also running. Alaska Highway Upgrades – ‘I will lobby the Federal Department of Public Works to build passing lanes in the section of the Alaska Highway from Wonowon to Pink Mountain. This stretch of highway creates unnecessary risk for travellers and passing lanes will help alleviate the hazards especially during winter months. I will support and lobby the Federal Department of Public Works to provide funding for the construction of a series of rest stops from Pink Mountain to the Yukon border’ Geothermal Pilot Projects – ‘I will advocate for the development of three geothermal pilot projects near Fort St John, Hudson’s Hope and Fort Nelson. I would like to see us take proactive steps in addressing our energy needs by advocating for energy production that oil and gas service companies can easily participate in. We have an opportunity for geothermal development and I want to see that opportunity become a reality to diversify electricity generation and support local jobs.’last_img read more

The Year in Review: 2007

first_imgThe housing slowdown came after several years of unprecedented gains in home sales and prices. The increases were fueled largely by historically low interest rates and the availability of exotic mortgages that allowed homebuyers to forgo a downpayment while paying only interest for the first few years of the loan.Many of these loans did not require good credit or proof of income from the buyer. Such loans, known as subprime mortgages, encouraged many homebuyers to buy more than they could afford.But the housing slowdown – with many more sellers than buyers – has seen many of these homeowners fall behind on their mortgage payments as their monthly bills eventually rose to include the principal. And the escape route – selling the house to pay off the mortgage – was blocked by a drop in home prices that left many home values at less than the mortgage amount.2. Mortgage industry woesThat brings us to the No. 2 business story of the year: the mortgage meltdown. The slowing housing market has resulted in a sharp rise in mortgage defaults.For example, the number of foreclosure filings in November spiked by 68 percent nationwide, compared with the same time last year, according to Irvine-based RealtyTrac Inc. That was 201,950 foreclosure filings reported for the month.The mortgage troubles were especially rough on lenders heavily involved in subprime loans such as Calabasas-based Countrywide Financial Corp., the nation’s biggest mortgage lender, and Irvine-based New Century Financial Corp.Countrywide’s stock price dropped to about a fifth of its 52-week high as the company’s credit rating tumbled and its monthly home loan production eventually dropped by about half compared with the year before. New Century announced that its mortgage troubles were forcing it into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.3. Toy recallsIt was also a rough year for El Segundo-based Mattel Inc. Over the summer, as the company prepared for the busy Christmas shopping season, the world’s largest toymaker announced recalls of millions of lead-tainted toys from China.Like other major toymakers, Mattel uses Chinese factories to produce many of its toys because the production costs in the Asian nation are so low. But these cost savings have come at a price.Against Mattel’s own instructions, some Chinese factories made millions of toys with paint that contained lead, which can be harmful if ingested.Recalled toys included Barbie, Polly Pocket dolls, Tanner play sets and others.That sent Mattel into crisis mode, as company Chairman and CEO Robert Eckert announced major enhancements in its oversight of Chinese-made toys. This included “significantly increased” spot testing and other safety protocols at manufacturing plants.4. Pain at the pumpGasoline prices rose nationwide in 2007.The average price of gasoline in the United States rose 21 cents, or 8 percent, this year to about $2.79, according to the Lundberg survey of about 7,000 gas stations.In car-dependent Southern California, the price of gasoline hovered around $3 a gallon or more through much of the year. In mid-December, the average price of self-serve regular gasoline in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area was about $3.29, up 80 cents over last year, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California.The price of gasoline nationwide rose as the price of crude oil increased from $60 a barrel at the start of 2007 to more than $90 now.The increase was because of growing demand from such nations as China and India, as well as the dropping value of the U.S. dollar, which has made imports such as oil more expensive.5. WGA goes on strikeHollywood writers went on strike in early November, the first such labor action in nearly two decades.Late-night talk shows such as CBS’ “The Late Show with David Letterman” immediately began airing reruns as the Writers Guild of America and studios were unable to agree on how much writers should make for content distributed on the Internet.With no new scripts, many shows, including ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” stopped production, putting actors, makeup artists, set designers, key grips and others out of work.Restaurants and other businesses that serve the entertainment industry also have been hit by the strike.6. Tainted spinach, lettuceToys weren’t the only products recalled in 2007. In September, an E. coli outbreak traced to tainted spinach was blamed for the death of one person and the illnesses of more than 100 others, as federal officials announced the recall of 34 spinach brands.E. coli cases linked to tainted spinach were reported in at least 19 states, with a majority of cases in Wisconsin.San Juan Bautista, Calif.-based Natural Selection Foods LLC, the world’s largest producer of organic produce, was linked to the infected greens.In October, an E. coli scare involving lettuce led to a voluntary lettuce recall by producer Nunes Co. Inc. of more than 8,500 cartons of green leaf lettuce grown on one farm in the Salinas Valley.Both recalls scared consumers into at least temporarily reducing consumption of spinach and lettuce.7. Food prices soarAs Americans dealt with higher gasoline prices and a drop in the value of their homes in 2007, food prices also pinched their wallets.The price of wheat, corn, rice and soybeans soared despite big U.S. harvests, as China and India turned their growing wealth into increased consumption of these commodities.Wheat prices rose 90 percent, soybeans 80 percent and corn 20 percent. In the first 11 months of 2007, U.S. producer prices for food increased at an annualized rate of 7.5 percent, the second highest increase since 1980.8. Tesco debuts in stateIn November, Tesco, the world’s third-largest retailer, rolled out its first six U.S. grocery stores in an ambitious bid for American shopping dollars. The first half-dozen stores were all in Southern California. The British retailer, whose U.S. arm is based in El Segundo, plans to spend $2 billion over five years to open hundreds of stores in California, Arizona and Nevada.Each of Tesco’s Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets will have about 10,000 square feet of space, roughly the size of a Trader Joe’s. Tesco hopes its stores will appeal to American consumers by offering fresh fruit, organic products and precooked meals, with quick checkout like a convenience store.9. Superjumbo jet at LAXIn March, Airbus’ A-380 superjumbo, the world’s largest passenger plane, landed at LAX for the first time, promising a new era of air transportation.The aircraft, which can carry more than 800 passengers, was fully equipped when it made its second landing at LAX in November. Qantas Airways will be the first to offer regular A-380 flights through LAX.The flights will begin in the fall of 2008 between LAX and Australia.10. Stock market swingsU.S. stock indices behaved erratically in 2007, as concerns about an economic slowdown led by the subprime meltdown made investors more cautious with their money.The Dow Jones industrial average peaked at 14,280.00 in October, from a low of 11,926.80 in March.Then the index plunged to below 13,000, before recovering somewhat.The technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite was also hit by worries of economic slowdown, pulling back from its October high of 2,861.51.muhammed.el-hasan@dailybreeze.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Reminiscent of the housing slump of the last decade, home sales took a major dive in 2007, with a double-digit year-over-year plunge nationwide. That was followed by a drop in home prices that also reached double digits in some markets, including Southern California.In November, Los Angeles County saw a nearly 12 percent drop in the value of previously owned houses compared with a year earlier, according to the Los Angeles-based California Association of Realtors. Sales fell almost 37 percent.Statewide, prices also sank about 12 percent, with sales down 36 percent.According to the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller national home price index, prices in October posted the largest drop since early 1991. October also represented the 23rd consecutive month that prices nationwide either fell or grew more slowly than the month prior.Some economists predict the housing market will bottom out next year, while others say the bad news will last into 2009 and beyond. Could it be the early 1990s all over again? Or maybe the 1980s or 1970s?It certainly feels that way. From the housing crisis to striking writers to high gas prices, old was new again in 2007. Here is a look at the year’s top local business stories:1. Home sales, prices dropThe housing market suffered a major slump in 2007, representing this year’s top business story.last_img read more

Poppies Bloom Along NC Highways in Tribute to Fallen World War I Soldiers

first_imgRed poppies are blooming along highways in North Carolina in commemoration of the centennial anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I and in memory of servicemen and servicewomen killed during the war.The state departments of Transportation and Natural and Cultural Resources collaborated on the project as part of North Carolina’s commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the country’s official entry into World War I in April 1917.“We are so grateful to Secretary Trogdon and the staff at NCDOT for partnering with us on this beautiful and visual remembrance of the North Carolinians who gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving their country 100 years ago,” said Susi H. Hamilton, secretary of the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. “These flowers are a wonderful way to honor the memory of our World War I veterans, and I hope that people who see them will be inspired to reflect on those who died in service to our country.”“We are honored to pay tribute to the men and women who served our nation in World War I through our department’s most popular program,” Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon said. “Thank you to the many veterans who sacrificed on our behalf a century ago and to Secretary Hamilton and the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources for helping us make this beautiful memorial a reality.”NCDOT’s Wildflower Program, which began in 1985, is an integral part of highway beautification. Wildflower beds are installed and maintained across the state by Roadside Environmental personnel in each of the 14 highway divisions.The red poppy is the official emblem of remembrance of the American Legion, and has been used as a symbol to commemorate war dead since World War I. It was inspired by the opening lines of Canadian Army officer John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Field,” which was written during World War I after McCrae noticed the poppies blooming around the mass graves of soldiers on the battlefields.North Carolinians served in all the major battles of the Western Front in 1918. They fought in the battles of 2nd Marne, St. Mihiel, and in the Meuse-Argonne, the last major campaign of the war. As part of the British army, Tar Heels in the 30th Division fought in Belgium and France in intense combat. In only five months of action in 1918, the United States suffered more than 275,000 casualties with more than 50,000 deaths. Nearly 2,400 North Carolinians died during World War I from battle and disease.The red poppies are currently blooming along highways in several counties across North Carolina.last_img read more

2016 WIAA spring baseball playoffs, regional schedule

first_imgRegionals begin May 26By Paul LeckerSports ReporterMARSHFIELD — The 2016 WIAA spring baseball tournament field has been set.Regional quarterfinals in Divisions 2, 3, and 4 will be played on Thursday, May 26.Regional semifinals in all four divisions are set for Tuesday, May 31; regional finals in Divisions 2, 3, and 4 are on Wednesday, June 1; and Division 1 regional finals are on Thursday, June 2.Sectionals in all divisions will be Tuesday, June 7, and semifinals and finals played will be at the same site. Winners will move on to the 2016 WIAA State Spring Baseball Tournament at Fox Cities Stadium in Grand Chute on June 14-16.Locally, Marshfield is the No. 7 seed in the Division 1 Sectional 1 field and will host Wisconsin Valley Conference rival Merrill, the 10th seed, in a regional semifinal on May 31. The winner plays at No. 2 Eau Claire North in a regional final on June 2.In Division 3, Stratford, Spencer, and Auburndale are all part of the Sectional 2 bracket.Stratford is the No. 3 seed in the top half of the bracket and will host Colby in a regional quarterfinal on May 26. The winner moves on to play at No. 2 Spencer in a regional semifinal on May 31.In the bottom half of the bracket, Auburndale is the No. 5 seed and will play a regional quarterfinal at No. 4 Weyauwega-Fremont on May 26. The winner plays at No. 1 Stevens Point Pacelli in a regional semifinal on May 31.Marshfield Columbus Catholic is the No. 4 seed in the Division 4 Sectional 2 bracket and will host No. 5 Prentice at Jack Hackman Field on May 26. The winner plays at No. 1 Loyal in a regional semifinal on May 31.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of MarshfieldAreaSports.com.)2016 WIAA State Spring Baseball TournamentDivision 1Sectional 1Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 New Richmond at No. 8 MenomonieNo. 12 Wisconsin Rapids at No. 5 HudsonNo. 11 Superior at No. 6 River FallsNo. 10 Merrill at No. 7 MarshfieldRegional finals, June 2New Richmond-Menomonie winner at No. 1 Eau Claire MemorialHudson-Wisconsin Rapids winner at No. 4 Chippewa FallsSuperior-River Falls winner at No. 3 Stevens PointMarshfield-Merrill winner at No. 2 Eau Claire NorthSectional 4Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 Neenah at No. 8 Appleton EastNo. 12 Appleton West at No. 5 ManitowocNo. 11 New London at No. 6 De PereNo. 10 Menasha at No. 7 KaukaunaRegional finals, June 2Neenah-Appleton East winner at No. 1 KimberlyManitowoc-Appleton West winner at No. 4 HortonvilleNew London-De Pere winner at No. 3 West De PereKaukauna-Menasha winner at No. 2 Appleton NorthSectional 2Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 D.C. Everest at No. 8 RhinelanderNo. 12 Green Bay Southwest at No. 5 AntigoNo. 11 Wausau East at No. 6 Green Bay East/WestNo. 10 Ashwaubenon at No. 7 Green Bay Notre DameRegional finals, June 2D.C. Everest-Rhinelander winner at No. 1 Green Bay PrebleAntigo-Green Bay Southwest winner at No. 4 Wausau WestGreen Bay East/West-Wausau East winner at No. 3 PulaskiNotre Dame-Ashwaubenon winner at No. 2 Bay PortSectional 3Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 Baraboo at No. 8 HolmenNo. 12 Reedsburg at No. 5 La Crosse CentralNo. 11 Tomah at No. 6 WaunakeeNo. 10 Madison Memorial at No. 7 OnalaskaRegional finals, June 2Holmen-Baraboo winner at No. 1 MiddletonLa Crosse Central-Reedsburg winner at No. 4 Sauk PrairieWaunakee-Tomah winner at No. 3 DeForestOnalaska-Madison Memorial winner at No. 2 La Crosse LoganSectional 5Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 Oregon at No. 8 MiltonNo. 12 Elkhorn at No. 5 Janesville ParkerNo. 11 Madison La Follette at No. 6 Madison WestNo. 10 Monona Grove at No. 7 StoughtonRegional finals, June 2Milton-Oregon winner at No. 1 Janesville CraigJanesville Parker-Elkhorn winner at No. 4 Fort AtkinsonMadison West-Madison La Follette winner at No. 3 Beloit MemorialStoughton-Monona Grove winner at No. 2 VeronaSectional 8Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 Union Grove at No. 8 WilmotNo. 12 Racine Park at No. 5 Kenosha Bradford/ReutherNo. 11 Racine Case at No. 6 Westosha CentralNo. 10 Lake Geneva Badger at No. 7 Racine HorlickRegional finals, June 2Wilmot-Union Grove winner at No. 1 Kenosha Indian TrailKenosha Bradford/Reuther-Racine Park winner at No. 4 WaterfordWestosha Central-Racine Case winner at No. 3 BurlingtonRacine Horlick-Badger winner at No. 2 Kenosha TremperSectional 6Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 Slinger at No. 8 Oshkosh WestNo. 12 Sheboygan South at No. 5 WatertownNo. 11 Sheboygan North at No. 6 Fond du LacNo. 10 Madison East at No. 7 HartfordRegional finals, June 2Oshkosh West-Slinger winner at No. 1 Sun PrairieWatertown-Sheboygan South winner at No. 4 Beaver DamFond du Lac-Sheboygan North winner at No. 3 Oshkosh NorthHartford-Madison East winner at No. 2 OconomowocSectional 7Regional semifinals, May 31No. 9 Milwaukee Bay View/LL at No. 8 Milwaukee Bradley Tech/Carmen SouthNo. 12 Milwaukee Vincent at No. 5 Milwaukee KingNo. 11 Milwaukee Washington/Career/Collegiate at No. 6 Milwaukee SouthNo. 10 Milwaukee Pulaski/Arts/Juneau at No. 7 Milwaukee HamiltonRegional finals, June 2Bay View/LL-Bradley/Carmen South winner at No. 1 Hartland ArrowheadKing-Vincent winner at No. 4 Milwaukee Madison/Samuel Morse/LanguagesWashington/Career/Colleigate-South winner at No. 3 Milwaukee ReaganHamilton-Pulaski/Arts/Juneau winner at No. 2 Milwaukee RiversideDivision 2Sectional 1Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Spooner at No. 4 BarronNo. 6 Northwestern/South Shore at No. 3 HaywardNo. 5 Osceola at No. 4 AmeryNo. 6 Somerset at No. 3 Baldwin-WoodvilleNo. 7 St. Croix Central at No. 2 PrescottNo. 5 Bloomer at No. 4 Black River FallsNo. 6 Sparta at No. 3 Gale-Ettrick-TrempealeauNo. 5 Nekoosa at No. 4 WautomaNo. 6 Adams-Friendship at No. 3 MaustonRegional semifinals, May 31Spooner-Barron winner at No. 1 Rice LakeHayward-Northwestern/South Shore winner at No. 2 AshlandAmery-Osceola winner at No. 1 EllsworthBloomer-Black River Falls winner at No. 1 AltoonaGET-Sparta winner at No. 2 West SalemNekoosa-Wautoma winner at No. 1 Wisconsin DellsMauston-Adams-Friendship winner at No. 2 WestfieldSectional 2Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Medford at No. 4 Wittenberg-BirnamwoodNo. 6 Northland Pines at No. 3 LakelandNo. 5 Peshtigo at No. 4 ClintonvilleNo. 6 Shawano at No. 3 MarinetteNo. 5 Appleton Xavier at No. 4 Little ChuteNo. 6 Wrightstown at No. 3 Fox Valley LutheranNo. 5 Sturgeon Bay at No. 4 DenmarkNo. 6 Chilton at No. 3 ValdersRegional semifinals, May 31Medford-Wittenberg-Birnamwood winner at No. 1 MosineeLakeland-Northland Pines winner at No. 2 TomahawkClintonville-Peshtigo winner at No. 1 SeymourMarinette-Shawano winner at No. 2 Oconto FallsXavier-Little Chute winner at No. 1 WaupacaFox Valley Lutheran-Wrightstown winner at No. 2 FreedomDenmark-Sturgeon Bay winner at No. 1 Luxemburg-CascoValders-Chilton winner at No. 2 Southern DoorSectional 3Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Mount Horeb at No. 4 PlattevilleNo. 6 Richland Center at No. 3 ViroquaNo. 5 Marshall at No. 4 McFarlandNo. 6 Poynette at No. 3 PortageNo. 5 Edgerton at No. 4 Brodhead/JudaNo. 6 Clinton at No. 3 MonroeNo. 5 Delavan-Darien at No. 4 Big FootNo. 6 East Troy at No. 3 Racine Lutheran/Prairie SchoolRegional semifinals, May 31Mount Horeb-Platteville winner at No. 1 River ValleyViroqua-Richland Center winner at No. 2 DodgevilleMcFarland-Marshall winner at No. 1 LodiPortage-Poynette winner at No. 2 Madison EdgewoodEdgerton-Brodhead/Juda winner at No. 1 Beloit TurnerMonroe-Clinton winner at No. 2 EvansvilleBig Foot-Delavan-Darien winner at No. 1 Greendale Martin LutherRacine Lutheran/Prairie School-East Troy winner at No. 2 WhitewaterSectional 4Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Omro at No. 4 BerlinNo. 6 North Fond du Lac at No. 3 WinneconneNo. 5 Watertown Luther Prep at No. 4 LomiraNo. 6 Hustisford/Dodgeland at No. 3 MayvilleNo. 5 Lakeside Lutheran at No. 4 Lake MillsNo. 6 St. John’s Northwest Military Academy at No. 3 Kettle Moraine LutheranNo. 5 Milwaukee St. Thomas More at No. 4 Wisconsin LutheranNo. 6 Milwaukee Messmer at No. 3 University School of MilwaukeeRegional semifinals, May 31Berlin-Omro winner at No. 1 WaupunWinneconne-North Fond du Lac winner at No. 2 RiponLomira-Luther Prep winner at No. 1 ColumbusMayville-Hustisford/Dodgeland winner at No. 2 CampbellsportLake Mills-Lakeside Lutheran winner at No. 1 JeffersonKettle Moraine Lutheran-St. John’s winner at No. 2 Waukesha Catholic MemorialWisconsin Lutheran-St. Thomas More winner at No. 1 Milwaukee LuthearnUniversity School-Messmer winner at No. 2 St. FrancisDivision 3Sectional 1Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Webster at No. 4 CumberlandNo. 6 Luck/Frederic at No. 3 Clayton/Turtle LakeNo. 7 Grantsburg at No. 2 St. Croix FallsNo. 5 Cornell/Lake Holcombe at No. 4 CameronNo. 6 Chetek-Weyerhaesuer at No. 3 LadysmithNo. 5 Glenwood City at No. 4 BoycevilleNo. 6 Colfax at No. 3 Eau Claire RegisNo. 5 Mondovi at No. 4 Stanley-BoydNo. 6 Cadott at No. 3 Fall CreekRegional semifinals, May 31Webster-Cumberland winner at No. 1 UnityCornell/Lake Holcombe-Cameron winner at No. 1 ChequamegonLadysmith-Chetek-Weyerhaesuer winner at No. 2 PhillipsGlenwood City-Boyceville winner at No. 1 Elk MoundRegis-Colfax winner at No. 2 Spring ValleyMondovi-Stanley-Boyd winner at No. 1 DurandFall Creek-Cadott winner at No. 2 Osseo-FairchildSectional 2Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Edgar at No. 4 AbbotsfordNo. 6 Colby at No. 3 StratfordNo. 5 Auburndale at No. 4 Weyauwega-FremontNo. 6 Manawa at No. 3 Iola-ScandinaviaNo. 5 Crivitz at No. 4 Wabeno/LaonaNo. 6 Gillett/Suring at No. 3 CrandonNo. 5 Shiocton at No. 4 ReedsvilleNo. 6 Menominee Indian at No. 3 BrillionRegional semifinals, May 31Edgar-Abbotsford winner at No. 1 MarathonStratford-Colby winner at No. 2 SpencerAuburndale-Weyauwega-Fremont winner at No. 1 Stevens Point PacelliIola-Scandinavia-Manawa winner at No. 2 AmherstWabeno/Laona winner at No. 1 ColemanCrandon-Gillett/Suring winner at No. 2 OcontoShiocton-Reedsville winner at No. 1 Neenah St. Mary CatholicBrillion-Menominee Indian winner at No. 2 BonduelSectional 3Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Melrose-Mindoro at No. 4 NeillsvilleNo. 6 Lincoln at No. 3 WhitehallNo. 5 Onalaska Luther at No. 4 NecedahNo. 6 Boscobel at No. 3 BrookwoodNo. 5 Mineral Point at No. 4 Iowa-GrantNo. 6 Cuba City at No. 3 LancasterNo. 5 Parkview at No. 4 WaterlooNo. 6 Belleville at No. 3 Wisconsin HeightsNo. 7 New Glarus at No. 2 DeerfieldRegional semifinals, May 31Melrose-Mindoro-Neillsville winner at No. 1 Cochrane-Fountain CityWhitehall-Lincoln winner at No. 2 ArcadiaLuther-Necedah winner at No. 1 La Crosse AquinasBrookwood-Boscobel winner at No. 2 WestbyIowa-Grant-Mineral Point winner at No. 1 Prairie du ChienLancaster-Cuba City winner at No. 2 DarlingtonParkview-Waterloo winner at No. 1 CambridgeSectional 4Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Manitowoc Lutheran at No. 4 MishicotNo. 6 Kewaunee at No. 3 AlgomaNo. 5 Montello at No. 4 PardeevilleNo. 6 Green Lake/Princeton at No. 3 LaconiaNo. 5 Whitefish Bay Dominican at No. 4 Brookfield AcademyNo. 6 Horicon at No. 3 Fond du Lac St. Mary’s SpringsNo. 5 Racine St. Catherine’s at No. 4 Kenosha Christian LifeNo. 6 Milwaukee Heritage Christian/Trinity Academy at No. 3 Kenosha St. JosephRegional semifinals, May 31Manitowoc Lutheran-Mishicot winner at No. 1 Gibraltar/Washington IslandAlgoma-Kewaunee winner at No. 2 Manitowoc RoncalliMontello-Pardeeville winner at No. 1 MarkesanLaconia-Green Lake/Princeton winner at No. 2 Oshkosh Lourdes/Valley ChristianBrookfield Academy-Dominican winner at No. 1 Lake Country LutheranSt. Mary’s Springs-Horicon winner at No. 2 Winnebago LutheranSt. Catherine’s-Christian Life winner at No. 1 Palmyra-EagleSt. Joseph-Heritage/Trinity winner at No. 2 Shoreland LutheranDivision 4Sectional 1Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Washburn at No. 4 MellenNo. 6 Bayfield at No. 3 Butternut/MercerNo. 5 Elmwood at No. 4 Clear LakeNo. 6 Plum City at No. 3 Pepin/AlmaNo. 5 Bruce at No. 4 GreenwoodNo. 6 Gilman at No. 3 Owen-WitheeRegional semifinals, May 31Mellen-Washburn winner at No. 1 HurleyButternut/Mercer-Bayfield winner at No. 2 DrummondElmwood-Clear Lake winner at No. 1 Eau Claire Immanuel LutheranPepin/Alma-Plum City winner at No. 2 Prairie FarmBruce-Greenwood winner at No. 1 Chippewa Falls McDonellOwen-Withee-Gilman winner at No. 2 ThorpSectional 2Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Prentice at No. 4 Marshfield Columbus CatholicNo. 6 Northland Lutheran/Wisconsin Valley Lutheran at No. 3 AthensNo. 7 Granton at No. 2 Rib LakeNo. 5 Wisconsin Rapids Assumption at No. 4 TigertonNo. 6 Wausau Newman Catholic at No. 3 Port EdwardsNo. 7 Marion at No. 2 RosholtNo. 5 Pembine/Goodman at No. 4 Three LakesNo. 6 Phelps at No. 3 ElchoNo. 5 St. Thomas Aquinas/Lena at No. 4 SevastopolNo. 6 White Lake at No. 3 BowlerRegional semifinals, May 31Prentice-Columbus Catholic winner at No. 1 LoyalTigerton-Assumption winner at No. 1 PittsvillePembine/Goodman-Three Lakes winner at No. 1 NiagaraElcho-Phelps winner at No. 2 FlorenceSt. Thomas Aquinas/Lena-Sevastopol winner at No. 1 WausaukeeBowler-White Lake winner at No. 2 GreshamSectional 3Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Blair-Taylor at No. 4 CashtonNo. 6 Augusta at No. 3 Eleva-StrumNo. 5 New Lisbon at No. 4 Wonewoc-CenterNo. 6 Royall at No. 3 La FargeNo. 5 Kickapoo at No. 4 SenecaNo. 6 North Crawford at No. 3 De SotoNo. 5 River Ridge at No. 4 CassvilleNo. 6 Wauzeka-Steuben at No. 3 PotosiRegional semifinals, May 31Blair-Taylor-Cashton winner at No. 1 Independence/GilmantonEleva-Strum-Augusta winner at No. 2 BangorNew Lisbon-Wonewoc-Center winner at No. 1 HillsboroLa Farge-Royall winner at No. 2 WestonKickapoo-Seneca winner at No. 1 IthacaDe Soto-North Crawford winner at No. 2 RiverdaleRiver Ridge-Cassville winner at No. 1 FennimorePotosi-Wauzeka Steuben winner at No. 2 HighlandSectional 4Regional quarterfinals, May 26No. 5 Hilbert/Stockbridge at No. 4 Wild RoseNo. 6 Tri-County at No. 3 OakfieldNo. 5 Fall River at No. 4 RandolphNo. 6 Cambria-Friesland at No. 3 RioNo. 5 Southwestern at No. 4 ArgyleNo. 6 Black Hawk at No. 3 Shullsburg/BentonNo. 5 Monticello at No. 4 AlbanyNo. 6 Faith Christian at No. 3 Burlington Catholic CentralRegional semifinals, May 31Hilbert/Stockbridge-Wild Rose winner at No. 1 Almond-BancroftOakfield-Tri-County winner at No. 2 Green Bay NEW LutheranFall River-Randolph winner at No. 1 Johnson CreekRio-Cambria-Friesland winner at No. 2 Living Word LutheranSouthwestern-Argyle winner at No. 1 PecatonicaShullsburg/Benton-Black Hawk winner at No. 2 BelmontMonticello-Albany winner at No. 1 BarneveldCatholic Central-Faith Christian winner at No. 2 Williams Baylast_img read more

Huffington Post Puts a Subscription Magazine on the iPad Newsstand

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market At a swanky launch party last week, Huffington Post unveiled a new iPad-only magazine called simply Huffington. It’s a new outlet with a new business model, an upscale departure from the loud, lewd, unavoidably popular website. The click-driven, sensational approach was burying HuffPo’s serious journalistic efforts, so it’s trying a new tack: a premium Newsstand app for the iPad demographic. The weekly magazine mixes short news stories and three long-form features in each issue. It arrives on Apple’s Newsstand on Friday mornings. Single issues cost $0.99, and subscriptions come at $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year. Huffington Post won’t discuss the budget for the magazine, although the cost is subsidized by sponsors.“We’re really comfortable with what we’re spending on this,” editor Timothy O’Brien told reporters last Tuesday.The magazine has its own editorial staff of 24, led by O’Brien, a former editor at The New York Times. The articles will be new and separate from those on the Huffington Post website, but the writing staff will draw from the same pool. There will still be features on the website, but the magazine is the premium product.“We do a lot of beautiful features that can be lost” on the main site, O’Brien said. In Arianna Huffington’s post introducing the magazine, she led off with the fact that HuffPo has “nearly 500 editors and reporters who produce between 70 and 80 original reported stories each day.” HuffPo is heavily invested in journalism, but the economics of page views aren’t doing it justice. No organization has a better vantage point on digital-only news production as Huffington Post, so it’s an important signal for publishers that it is breaking out its high-quality reporting from its daily blogging and aggregating.Adding an iPad magazine to the AOL-owned outlet’s “array of narrative jewels” gives Huffington Post a chance to try out clean designs, strong typography and magazine-style full-screen ads, reducing the distractions and providing “stories to be savored.” Huffington calls the magazine “HuffPost’s more stylish offspring.”While the magazine requires a subscription, there’s a free demo issue in the App Store, and articles shared by Facebook, Twitter and email can be read on the Web. jon mitchell Tags:#news#web Related Posts center_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

How to Revive an Old Blog Article for SEO

first_img Topics: One of the many great benefits of blogging is the traffic from search engines that you get to each and every article for keywords related to that specific article (if you blog is set up correctly).  The traffic for each keyword or for each article is usually small – though once in a while you usually hit it big.  But when you add up the traffic for dozens, or over time, hundreds of blog articles, it can really add up.One example of this is an article I wrote 6 months ago in June 2007 about “Free Google Advertising”.  Even as recently as a couple weeks ago, we were still getting some traffic to this article because it ranked on the first page of Google for terms like “free advertising on Google”, and a lot of people search for terms like that.But, recently I noticed the traffic for these keywords had died off. (Oh no!)  I checked our rank for the keywords and sure enough, or rank had declined so we were no longer on the first page.  As we all should know by now: No first page = No traffic.  I could have just accepted it and moved on and written some new articles.  But I didn’t.  With a few quick changes to the article, I was able to climb back up in the rankings and start to get some of the traffic back in just a couple days.Here is a HubSpot graph showing our rank for one of the relevant keywords.  Notice how we were on the first page for a long time, then fell off, and then moved back up.How to Revive an Old Blog Article for SEOHere are the steps I took to climb back up in the rankings for this blog article and get my traffic back. Originally published Jan 14, 2008 12:44:00 PM, updated October 18 2015 Research the keywords that were driving traffic before.  Knowing what the most important word or phrases were that had been driving traffic to your article before is important, since you know you have a very good shot at ranking for those terms again.Analyze the key on-page SEO characteristics of the article.  The most important field is the title of the article (which should also be the page title and the page URL if your blog is configured properly).  You should also look at any headings within the article and the text of the article itself.  For instance, I noticed that I had not used the word “advertising” or “advertisement” very much (only a couple times).Rewrite the article title.  My old title “Free Advertising on Google: A How To Guide” was good at getting people interested in reading the article.  It was not as good for search engines.  I made it shorter and more focused on my keywords.  The title is now “Free Advertising on Google”.  Because my blog is set up correctly, this text also automatically appears in the page title and the URL, so they are more focused as well.  Cool.Rewrite or add headings.  Search engines look at text in headings as more important than other text on the page.  So, if you don’t have any headings, add them.  If you do have them, make sure they focus on your keywords.  I re-wrote one of my headings to be “How to Get Free Advertising on Google” and added two others with keywords.Edit the article text.  Tweak the article content a bit to try and incorporate the keywords for which you had been ranking into the article content a bit more.  I don’t believe in measuring keyword density like some people – I think the text needs to be well written not mechanical, but you can probably add the right keywords into the article 3-5 more times without much trouble.Write a new blog article that links to the old one.  A new blog article that has a well placed link to the old one using anchor text that includes your keywords can help a little bit, since it is an additional link and references the relevant keywords in the link text.  For example, at the top of this article, I linked to the old article.Track your rank for the next couple days / weeks.  Depending on the authority of your website with Google and how often they index your website, you can see changes in a couple days (like me) or it might take longer.One of the more advanced things I did not do, but could have done, is to analyze all of the links into the blog article and see if I could optimize the anchor text of any of those links to be more focused on the right keywords.  Maybe if I get bored this weekend I’ll do that too. center_img Blog Optimization Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

How to Turn a Press Release into a Blog Article

first_img Topics: In companies with an active PR (public relations) program, your press releases may be the most frequently updated professional content you produce.  If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that a key component to effective inbound marketing (where prospects find you when they are looking for your products and services) is to create and publish lots of content.  For instance, we’re trying to attract marketing people and business owners to HubSpot, and we write this blog which targets that audience with related information.  So, how can you leverage your press releases for additional content?  In addition to publishing the press release on your own website, you can often re-write it a bit and end up with a great blog article.Download Now: 6 Free Blog Post TemplatesTips to Turn a Press Release into a Blog Article1. Pick the right press releases.  A press release about some company accomplishment might not be that interesting as a blog article.  But, a customer case study might be really good, as well as any news releases about industry trends, survey data, etc.  Avoid the “we sold our 100th customer” story and focus on the “a survey by Company XYZ indicates industry growth will be 18% next year” type of story. 3. Change headline to be more catchy.  Press releases typically have a more factual headline, this stems from the days when the media actually read press releases on a “wire” service and scanned headlines to see what the news was. They wanted headlines that explained the story in one line.  Blog articles are different.  You want a title that will entice people to read the article or click on a link to it.  An excellent resource to learn more about writing great titles for blog articles is Copyblogger. Originally published Feb 19, 2008 11:19:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 4. Add key learnings or key takeaways.  Press releases are usually pretty factual.  Blog readers love lists, summaries and actionable content.  This means your writing needs to be very scan-able, and its a plus if there are step by step instructions to follow your advice or implement your suggestions.  (For instance, like this list of ideas for re-using press releases on a blog. Public Relations 6. Remove your boilerplate.  Press releases usually stick to a standard format and have an “About Company XYZ” section at the bottom, plus contact information and a location and date of the news.  All of this should be removed, it is not usual to do this in blog articles. 5. Add (more) images, pictures and videos.  Multimedia can really increase the value of your content.  Unfortunately, multimedia in press releases gets really expensive very quickly.  But a webpage or blog can have video or a bunch of images basically for free.  So, in most cases it is more cost effective to have the press release contain a small amount of multimedia (or none at all) and then post lots of multimedia on your blog and link to it.  This also has the side benefit of driving your press release readers to go to your blog to see the multimedia content. 7. Take out internal quotes.  Most press releases have quotes from your company, often the CEO or other member of management.  These are generally not appropriate for blog articles and should usually be removed.  Pretty much anything in your blog is a quote from your company, anyway.Example of Related Press Release and Blog ArticleFor an example of what I am talking about, see this press release about Website Grader reaching 100,000 report URLs and then see this blog article on the same subject about the viral marketing of Website Grader.  This was the same event, and there is even a link from the press release to the blog article, but we took a very different angle when writing each piece of content to take advantage of the audience and format.How do you leverage your press releases?  Leave a comment below and share your insights. 2. Remove promotional content.  Most blogs are not successful if they are a shameless pitch for your company.  Many press releases are, in fact, a shameless pitch for your company.  If your press release is telling the world how great you are, it either needs to be re-written or it is not a good candidate to be turned into a blog article (see point #1).  The most successful blogs are informative and do not have an overt sales pitch. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

HubSpot TV – Ahh Choo! Marketing and Swine Flu

first_img (April 24th, 2009) Twitter’s Audience Has a ‘No Return’ Policy Start your trial now! Forum Fodder In Developing Countries, Web Grows Without Profit Jennifer Turelli – Should we add our company to Wikipedia? Does that lend any SEO credit? Marketing Takeaway: Twitter might be a smaller audience than you think. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Girls in Tech Forrester predicts growth across all areas of online advertising Want To Avoid Swine Flu? There’s An App For That Too. ebook Remember to subscribe in iTunes – What’s in a name? Swine Flu, Mexican Flu, North American Flu, H1N1? – Originally published May 4, 2009 1:20:00 PM, updated July 04 2013 Headlines Is there anything good you can do related to the flu? Does it pose a risk to your brand or products? @JKern_MOD – #twitterprint Web companies that rely on advertising are enjoying some of their mostvibrant growth in developing countries. But those are also the sameplaces where it can be the most expensive to operate… Forrester Predicts Huge Growth for Social Media Marketing Special guest next week @scottkirsner Ahhh-Choo! Marketing and the Flu Episode #38 – May 1st, 2009 Marketers respond Mike tells us about all the fun he had without Karen HubSpot Free Trial Still expects search marketing to be more than 55% of online ad spending Marketing Takeaway: Remember that the web is global even if your business isn’t. Sue Blaney from www.pleasestoptherollercoaster.com – My Intro 60% of people who sign up for Twitter don’t come back the next month Google Could Have Spotted the H1N1 Flu Early Miss last week’s episode? Add content to other relevant wikipedia pages There’s even an iPhone app! – Doing it Right here in Boston on 5/7 Internet Profit in Developing Nations Facebook Vote Results In! Marketing Takeaway: Evaluate the risks and opportunities for the H1N1 flu. is getting good traction internationally, what can I do to help it gain more traction in the US? Marketing Takeaway: Managing community is hard. Large communities usually have many unengaged members. It’s ok to attract some of the wrong people, especially if you can easily separate the ones you want to sell to from the ones you don’t want to sell to. Karen at Inbound Marketing Summit Recap Forrester Predicts Growth for Social Media, but expects Search Marketing to Stay Dominant Marketing Tip of the Week –  Check Facebook Bad ettiquite Mailbag There may be 1.6billion people in the world with Internet access, but fewer than halfof them have incomes high enough to interest major advertisers @karenrubin @mvolpe Facebook Vote Comes In, all 0.3% of it… http://itunes.hubspot.tv Inbound Marketing Summit San Francisco – Live Run Down 34% growth for social media Marketing Takeaway: Invest in all aspects of inbound marketing, not just the sexy stuff. No follow links & Tough review process Facebook Votes & Stats HubSpot TV – Inbound Marketing for the Beer Biz and You Optimize your website to get found by more prospects and convert more of them into leads and paying customers with HubSpot’s inbound marketing system. Marketing Takeaway: The Inbound Marketing Summit is coming to Dallas in May and Boston in September, don’t miss out! Closing @bradfordCoffey – Should I do PPC on a phrase I rank on the 1st page for organically? How to interact on Twitter – Gov’t drops ‘swine flu’ name over pork protestslast_img read more

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Stories of the Week: Easy as (Social Media) Pie

first_img social media marketing a 3. Look at “who,” not “what” , dividing your pie into three slices: listening, creating and communicating.  His suggestion is to start by focusing 20% on listening, 40% on creating and the final 40% on communicating. on Chris Bennett Use marketing and Web analytics to regularly measure your social media efforts so you know what is and isn’t working. .  Of course, you can create all the content you want, but if you don’t get it into the hands of your prospects, you’re going to be wasting a lot of your time. Download the free video Our top blogger.  Good thing Glen has some A-list tips for folks like you (hey — I’m one of you!) who are trying to For now, Chris focuses on measuring social media initiatives, highlighting a variety of metrics marketers can use to analyze their efforts.  Some of these metrics include traffic, unique visitors, referral URLs, conversions and backlinks, to name a few. 4. Author: blogger but a Lesson: Author: While Brogan thinks this is a good recipe for success, he also understands people have different tastes.  Perhaps you have to devote some of your time to other parts of your marketing mix.  It’s okay to cut more slices and find a formula that works.  Now, I love Chris Brogan’s analogy here, but I’ve gotta admit: It’s making me hungry.   Chris Brogan Stick to your own guidelines Search Engine Land Brogan offers a great basic frame for how you should devote your time on A successful blog starts with the blogger. Focus on A-list qualities to build an A-list blog. Elyssa Pallai , she reminds us how important it is to embrace the power and opportunities afforded by the latest trends. inbound marketing So you’re a fellow blogger.  Chances are you don’t want to be just 20 Metrics To Effectively Track Social Media Campaigns Author: Slicing Your Social Media Pie of creating content is one of the best tactics you can use to get found online of measuring the performance of your programs is important for every marketing undertaking. Author: OPEN Forum search engine optimization build a popular business blogcenter_img article this week discusses how you can slice up your social media pie into various types of engagement in different size pieces to suit your taste. Oh yeah — and we’ll let you have one of the bigger pieces. Copyblogger His top tips include: Lesson: Elyssa’s post discusses the most recent trends that should be top-of-mind for marketers trying to stay on top of marketing in a technology-driven world.  While she doesn’t recommend forgetting about concepts like As a business, What latest trends is she talking about?  The real-time Web, social networks, the mobile Web and location-based marketing top the list.  If you don’t understand these technologies and what they mean for marketing, you better get with it soon, she says. great . 4 Tech Trends You Must Understand to be an Effective Marketer Lesson: and learn how to generate more business using social media. 1. Make content your #1 focus Learn how to use social media to attract more customers. Recognize your own influence of ReadWriteWeb Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Explore opportunities to generate referals as an alternative content marketing strategy. 5 Ways to Share Content to Create Referrals 5. John Jantsch 2. Duct Tape Marketing Lesson: While John definitely advocates promotion via social media, he also recognizes another way to amplify the reach of your content: through referals.  A few ways he recommends you generate them is by writing guest blog posts, hosting a group in social networks, encouraging people to bring a friend to events/webinars you’re hosting, co-branding your content or creating an event. of How to Become an A-List Blogger Technology trends are constantly changing.  Stay on top of the latest developments for maximum marketing potential. Author: Photo by Ralph Daily Lesson: Video: How to Use Social Media to Attract More Customers Social media is a powerful tool that can affect an entire business directly and indirectly, but at the end of the day, you still need to prove your engagement is working.  Let’s face it — Divide and conquer your social media efforts. Originally published Jan 29, 2010 8:15:00 AM, updated July 18 2013 Glen Allsopplast_img read more